Alsipercha is a fall protection system, that provides an effective overhead protection for those who are exposed to falls when working at heights.

This revolutionary system includes a built-in energy-absorber device (diagonal) that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and to the structure, in case of fall.

Thanks to an advanced and robust design, the product also admit a máximum number of 2 users connected simultaneaously, being one of the most versatile and effective overhead fallprotection system of the market.

Available in two different formats, the Alsipercha (steel-79kgs, doesn’t suffer permanent deformation, and installation by crane/lifting equipments) and the Alupercha (aluminum-19kgs, and manual installation w of craneith no need of crane/lifting equipments), can be combined with a wide range of accessories and supports.

In compliance with standards: EN-795 (CE certified), OSHA/ANSI (USA) and CSA (CANADA).