The counterweight MF system, consists of a modulable structure that guarantees an effective use of the Alsipercha / Alupercha when protecting workers over trucks or high vehicles.

Provides one of the most versatile and effective overhead fall protection solutions, with no need to be anchored.

With a fast, easy and intuitive installation process, provides an anchor point up to 6,5m height.

Includes 3 built-in adjustable supports to correct possible unevenness on the surface.

Allows the use of up to 2 users connected at the same time.




  • Provides effective overhead fall protection to users when working up to 6.5 m height.
  • The vehicle stopped over the counterweight MF, works as a counterweight of the whole system.
  • Possible unevenness on the installation surface can be corrected thanks to the built-in adjustable supports.
  • Built-in energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and the structure, in case of fall.
  • Overhead fall protection system that protect users from falls during work at heights (Fall factor 0).
  • Versatile use on multiple surfaces. No anchoring required.
  • Up to 2 users connected at the same time.

Working with the system

Simple to install and use

Easy, quick and simple installation procedure.

The user can start using the system in the designated areas in just a few steps.[/

Multiple applications

Versatile and effective

The Alsipercha / Alupercha system with counterweight MF offers full protection against falls from heights, and can be used in multiple situations and environments, like:

  • Loading / unloading trucks
  • Working over tanker trucks


Alsipercha / Alupercha.
Main anchoring point.

MF counterweight assembly.
Structure supporting the Alsipercha / Alupercha.

To bring the next Alsipercha / Alupercha closer.

Retractable device.
Device that locks the descent in the event of a fall.

PPE that must be worn by the user.

For installation using a crane.

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