The Alsipercha / Alupercha RAIL is the combination of the full range of Alsipercha / Alupercha accesories, with a rigid lifeline that eliminates the possible pendulum effect in case of fall of a user when working at heights.

Perfect for the use within industrial environments, where the work over tanker trucks continues to be a challenge, provides an effective and reliable fall protection solution at 6.5m height, admitting up to 2 users simultaneously per spans of 6m.

The SRL is connected to a trolley, which slides through the RAIL following the user constantly, always standing above the user’s head, reducing the potential pendulum effect in case of fall.

Available in spans of 6m, the system includes the options of FIXED system, or FOLDABLE, retracting the whole system in order to avoid interferences with overhead obstacles (overhead cranes, rail catenaries, etc).

With a simple and easy installation process, it can be assembled and installed in a few hours.




  • Rigid lifeline system that keeps the anchor point above the user at all times.
  • Zero pendulum effect in case of fall.
  • Overhead fall protection system that protect users from falls during work at heights. (Fall factor 0).
  • Built-in energy-absorbing device that reduces the impact forces transferred to the user and to the structure in the event of a fall.
  • Up to 2 users at the same time per 6m span.
  • Easy, intuitive installation. Installation in just a few hours.
  • Protect users from falls from heights during maintenance work in industrial environments, loading and unloading trucks, maintenance on trains, buses, etc.

Working with the system

Simple to install and use

With a quick and easy installation process, it is possible to have an effective fall protection system in just a few steps.

Multiple applications

Versatile and effective

The Alsipercha / Alupercha system, combined with RAIL, provides an effective and versatile overhead fall protection system that protect workers in multiple situations, like:

  • Loading / unloading trucks
  • Maintenance over tanker trucks or containers, industrial machinery, trains and aircraft
  • Inspections of elevated areas
  • Access to production areas


Alsipercha / Alupercha.
Main anchoring point.

Rigid lifeline.

To bring the next Alsipercha / Alupercha closer.

Retractable device.
Device that locks the descent in the event of a fall.

PPE that must be worn by the user.

For installation using a crane.

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