The TRIPOD is an accessory used to take full advantage of the Alsipercha benefits, providing an effective overhead anchor point up to 6,5m height.

With an easy, simple and fast installation process, the Tripod combined with the Alsipercha will provide full fall protection to users at 2 possible height configurations: 5,5m with a 2m Tripod and 6,5m with a 3m Tripod.

The Tripod provides a wide range of potential uses, being specially effective for loading-unloading vehicles, a critical stage where there is a high risk of users falling from height.




  • Provides a safe and effective overhead anchor point to users.
  • Easy to assemble and use, with no need of external installers.
  • Built-in energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and the structure, in case of fall.
  • Smooth rotation movement, so that user is always protected.
  • Available in painted and galvanized version.
  • Available versions: 5.5 m (2 m TRIPOD) or 6.5 m (3 m TRIPOD).
  • Compatible to combine with Alsipercha or Alupercha.

Working with the system

Simple to install and use

Easy set-up assembly procedure, and easy to use.

It can be used on site, in just a few steps.

Multiple applications

Versatile and effective

The Alsipercha system with tripods offers full protection against falls from heights, and can be used in multiple situations and environments, like:

  • Loading / unloading trucks
  • Working over tanker trucks
  • Maintenance and inspection over machines, or high places
  • Safe access within industrial environments


Alsipercha / Alupercha.
Main anchoring point. Fitted with the energy-absorber device.

Element supporting the Alsipercha / Alupercha.

To bring the next Alsipercha closer.

Retractable device.
Device that locks the descent in the event of a fall.

PPE that must be worn by the user.

For installation using a crane.

Download Catalog and Alsipercha Certificate


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