The TRIPOD is an accessory used to take full advantage of the Alsipercha / Alupercha benefits, providing an effective overhead anchor point up to 6,5m height.

With an easy, simple and fast installation process, the Tripod combined with the Alsipercha / Alupercha provides full fall protection to users, especially for those working over vehicles or doing maintenance.

It can be used by a maximum of 2 users connected at the same time.




  • Overhead fall protection system that protect users from falls during work at heights (Fall factor 0).
  • Easy to assemble and use, with no need of external installers.
  • Smooth rotation movement, so that user is always protected.
  • Built-in energy-absorbing device that reduces the impact forces transferred to the user and to the structure.
  • Provides an anchor point up to 6,5m height.
  • Easy, intuitive installation, it can be installed in barely a few minutes.
  • Up to 2 users connected at the same time.

Working with the system

Simple to install and use

Easy set-up assembly procedure, and easy to use.

It can be used on site, in just a few steps.

Multiple applications

Versatile and effective

The Alsipercha / Alupercha system with tripods offers full protection against falls from heights, and can be used in multiple situations and environments, like:

  • Loading / unloading trucks
  • Working over tanker trucks
  • Maintenance and inspection over machines, or high places
  • Safe access within industrial environments


Alsipercha / Alupercha.
Main anchoring point.

Element supporting the Alsipercha / Alupercha.

To bring the next Alsipercha / Alupercha closer.

Retractable device.
Device that locks the descent in the event of a fall.

PPE that must be worn by the user.

For installation using a crane.

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