Alsipercha Construction

Alsipercha Construction

Personal Fall Protection System for the stage of the formwork decking process, or instalation of: guardrails, gallows-type safety nets, formwork risers, and in general all formwork assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights, can be carried out in an entirely safe manner.

  • Simple assembly and use. It does not require external assembly workers.
  • System designed according to the DIN EN 795 Standard and ANSI Z359.6 / CSA Z259.16.
  • Inverted “L”, allowing 360 degree rotation, providing full freedom to work (176.37 lb [80 kg]).
  • It is inserted into a conical tube pre-installed on the concrete structure (column / wall).
  • It allows the operator to work safely covering an area of approximately 1345 31⁄64 ft² (125 m²) 69 31⁄32 ft² [6.5 m²] maximum operating range).
  • Built-in SHOCK-ABSORBER device that reduces the forces transmitted to the column / wall in case of an accidental fall. structure weighing 176.37 lb (80 kg), made of high quality steel (elastic limit 59,738 – 65,427 psi [42 – 46 kg/mm2]; breaking strength 86,762 – 108,097 psi [61 – 76 kg/mm2]).
  • It is employed with a retractable device that locks whenever abrupt acceleration is generated.
  • It is designed to be moved by a crane.
  • It includes accessories that enable adjustment to any on-site situation that may arise, thus ensuring operator safety at all times.
  • This system is designed for column heights up to 26 ft 2 61⁄64″ (8 m) and it does not require external assembly workers.


Complies DIN EN:795


CE Certificate (DGUV – BG BAU)



Meets OSHA/ANSI Z359.6 and CSA Z259.16

System Elements

  1. Alsipercha System
  2. Retractable device
  3. Shock-Absorber device (Energy absorber)
  4. Retractable device protector
  5. Conical tube
  6. Sling
  7. Hook


Preventive – Fall Factor “0”

Prevents accidents: Includes a retractable device that locks whenever abrupt acceleration occurs, thus, preventing an accidental fall, and minimising the risk of injury.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The use and assembly of the Alsipercha system is easy and intuitive. It can be used on site with just a few steps.


It promotes productivity because the operator can work with confidence knowing that they are fully secured at all times.

Perimeters and High Floors

This is especially effective in higher risk situations such as perimeters and high floors. It is ideal for edge operations such as the installation of guardrails, risers, perimeter panels, etc.

Metal Structures

It adjusts to metal structures by using the metal column clamp accessory.

Installation and Use

Installation and Use

 1 – Planning

To make it easier to work with the system and to optimise its use on site, it is recommended to make a prior plan of the floor on which the formwork is to be erected. Planning should take into account the 21 ft 3 29⁄32″ (6.5 m) maximum operating range provided by the system.

2 – Positioning the Conical Tube

The housing tubes will be placed in those columns that are being poured. After the concrete has set, the Alsipercha system can be inserted starting at one end of the floor. The leveling accessory will be used to ensure the vertical position of the housing tube.

3 – Use of the System

Once the operator is secured to Alsipercha, the paneling process can begin. It enables 360 degree rotation, thus providing a safe work area of 21 ft 3 29⁄32″ (6.5 m) in radio (1345 31⁄64 ft² [125 m²]).

4 – Changing Safe Anchor Point

The nearest Alsipercha can be accessed by the hook accessory in order to change the anchor point. The worker remains safe at all times.

5 – Provide 360º free and safe movement

It enables 360 degree rotation, providing a safe working area of 21 ft 3 29⁄32″ (6.5 m) in radio (1345 31⁄64 ft² [125 m²])

6 – Accidental fall

In case of an accidental fall, the retractable device locks and prevents the fall. The “Shock-Absorber” system acts by compressing itself and reduces the impact forces on the operator, and on the concrete structure.

7 – Recovering after the fall

By a simple movement, the operator can return to his original position and continue working.*

* It is recommended that a worker be checked by medical personnel after a fall.