Alsipercha Logistics

Alsipercha Logistics

Personal Fall Protection System that enables truck loading and unloading procedures to be carried out safely, including maintenance operations and, in general, all those situations where there is the risk of falling from heights.

Simple assembly and use.

  • System designed according to the EN 795 Standard.
  • It allows the operator to work safely by covering the entire truck dimensions.
  • It can be used in: Trucks, platforms, tanker trucks, and also shipping containers.
  • It comes with a wide variety of accessories that can be adapted to many situations.
  • The inverted “L” shaped metal structure provides an anchor point of two avaialable heights: 18 ft 17⁄32″ (5.5 m), and 21 ft 3 29⁄32″ (6.5 m).  The Alsipercha main body weights (176.37 lb [80 kg]).
  • It includes a retractable device that locks whenever abrupt acceleration is generated.
  • Assembly is quick and easy using a forklift truck or crane.
  • Built-in SHOCK-ABSORBER device that reduces the forces transmitted in case of an accidental fall.


Complies DIN EN:795


CE Certificate (DGUV – BG BAU)

System Elements

  1. Alsipercha System
  2. Alsipercha Tripod
  3. Hook
  4. Sling
  5. Shock-Absorber device (Shock Absorber)
  6. Retractable with Protector
  7. Rail

Available in 2 possible heights:

  • 18 ft 17⁄32″ (5.5 m) maximum height from the anchor point.
  • 1 ft 3 29⁄32″ (6.5 m) maximum height from the anchor point.


Preventive – Fall Factor “0”

It prevents accidents: It includes a retractable device that locks whenever an abrupt acceleration occurs, as well as a second device (Shock-Absorber) that reduces the forces generated by the impact of a fall.

Quick and Easy Assembly

The use and assembly of the Alsipercha system is easy and intuitive. It can be used with just a few steps.


It promotes productivity because the operator can work with confidence knowing that they are fully secured at all times.


It is one of the most effective solutions on the market. It is ideal for working on trucks where there is a risk of falling from heights. Easy and intuitive, it provides complete security for the worker.

Installation and Use

Installation and Use

1 – Planning

Properly map out the work area in order to facilitate the use of the system.

2 – Fastening

Always fasten on to the Alsipercha system before entering the work area. In the case of being used with trucks, and if its platform is more than 19 ft 8 7⁄32″ (6 meters) long, it will be necessary to employ two simultaneous systems (to reduce the pendulum effect).

3 – Use of the System

It is possible to cover 100% of the work area. The swivel base in which the Alsipercha is embedded accompanies the operator by gently rotating in the direction of movement.

4 – Versatile Solutions

Available for use with Tripod anchored to concrete surface, Counterweight system which does not need to be anchored (use the weights of the truck), Grippers for steel columns like IPN type, or Combined system with auminium ATEX certified rail (which provides pendulum effect “O”).