Overhead fall protection system designed to be installed by hand, that protects workers against fall from heights, especially effective for perimeters and during the decking of horizontal formwork.

Thanks to the lightweight design (just 19kgs), the Alupercha can be installed easily and fast without the need of crane, reducing costs and time. Additionally, the system can also be installed using a crane if that is prefered, by using the crane connector.

Efficient overhead fall protection system for the stage of the formwork decking process, or installation of: guardrails, gallows-type safety nets, formwork risers, and in general, all formwork assembly activities that entail the risk of falling from heights, can be carried out in an entirely safe manner.

With an easy and simple assembly process, it can be installed by a competent person.

Fully compatible with all the Alsipercha accessory range.




  • Lightweight structure weighing just 19 Kg, made of high-quality elastic aluminium.
  • To be manoeuvred and installed by a single person with no lifting equipments, or the need of crane.
  • Built-in energy absorber that reduces the impact forces transmitted to the user and the structure, in case of fall.
  • Inverted “L” shaped and 100% aluminium structure measuring 2.0 m long and 3.10 m high (2.25 m when attached to the column).
  • Allows the user to work safely covering an area of aprox 125 m2 and moving within a radius of 6.0 m around the column, with the PPE length up to 4m, and aprox 230 m2 when combined with PPE length up to 6,5 m (refer to the “working procedure with extended PPE” section in the UI).
  • Alupercha housing steel tube measuring 85 cm long.
  • Fully advantages of use when columns are distanced by up to 8,0m.
  • Smooth rotation movement, so that user is always protected.
  • Up to 2 users connected at the same time.

Working with the system

Simple to install and use

The on-site installation process requires just 30 seconds.

Alupercha is ready for use in just a few steps.

Application in construction

Highly versatile

The Alupercha is totally complementary to collective protection systems, and it also use the same conical tube of the Alsipercha system.

Suitable to be used at the formwork paneling stage, with:

  • Solid slabs
  • Lightened slabs
  • Post-tensioned slabs


Main anchoring point.

Housing tube.
Element to house the Alupercha. CE marking.

Ensures the CE housing tube is vertical.

To bring the next Alupercha closer.

Retractable device.
Device that locks the descent in the event of a fall.

PPE that must be worn by the user.

Optional, if the Alupercha is handled using a crane.

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